10 Funny Dog Photobombs That Prove They Are Born To Ruin Your Photo


We all can agree on one thing that dogs are the humans best friends. They are the most adorable and loyal pets of the mankind. But just like all the other animals, they sometimes do things that irritate us. One of their irritating things that they have learned recently is the art of photobombing photographs of their masters. It seems like they can’t simply digest that their master can click any photos without them. The Internet is filled with so many funny dog photobombs that it was hard for us to choose the best among them.

We are listing down some of the funny dog photobombs that we think are the funniest ones. Whether it is the expression of the dogs or their body languages, these dogs photobombs will make you laugh hard. Let’s have a look at these funny photos.

1. Can you guess who is driving the car?

2. Dogs don’t give a single care whether they are photobombing a human’s photograph or a dog’s photograph.

3. Well, does it look like the lovely dog couple give a damn about what’s happening in the surrounding?

4. Because no family is complete without a dog.


5. This man perfectly captured a dog pooping in the background.

6. It looks like they can’t see their owner clicking photos with anyone else.

7. Just look at the hilarious expressions on the face of this dog.

8. We already told you no family portrait is complete without a dog.

9. Undoubtedly, this is one of the funny dog photobombs ever seen.

10. No, it’s not what you think, the child is completely normal.