10 Funny Ideas That Are Either Brilliant Or Plain Stupid


We all face problems in our life, sometimes the problems we face are related to the technology we use in the real world. We all know that technology can fail at times when we need it the most. There are some genius people who are always ready with some funny ideas to fix the broken things. This article is all about those genius people and their funny ideas.

Today, we have collected some photographs which will show you some of the hilarious unconventional solutions invented by people around us. You may find these ideas funny and completely weird but let us tell you their ideas work completely fine and that’s the reason we can’t decide whether these funny ideas are brilliant or really stupid. Now you look at the pictures below and decide on your own.

1. Only a qualified mechanical engineer can do this.

2. When you have spent all your money on your favourite drink.

3. One more miracle of mechanical engineering.

4. When your car’s rear wiper doesn’t clean dust.


5. In case of emergency, you all can try any of these funny ideas at your own risk.

6. When you are a professional cyclist but your mother sends you for grocery shopping.

7. When a musician arranges a candlelight dinner for his girlfriend.

8. This is how you can use your old TV.

9. We don’t know what to call this – Genius or Plain Stupid.

10. When your bike’s front tyre is stolen and you have to reach somewhere without fail.