15 Funny Comic Illustrations About Winter That We All Can Relate To

Winter is right around the corner and we better prepare for those cold freezing nights. The pain of those unpleasant nights is real. We need to find ways to keep us warm during the season. One special thing that you need to keep going through the season is the funny comic illustrations that come with the start of the season.

We have collected some of the funniest comic illustrations about winter that almost everyone can relate to; especially people who reside in the cold areas. These illustrations are so relatable that it will definitely put a smile on your face and will give you strength to fight the cold days. Have a look at these funny illustrations and enjoy.

1. You know winter is here when the Sun goes early to bed.


2. That moment when you finally reach your warm home.

What it's like to be a hairy woman. (Link to the full article in my bio)

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3. Well, that’s a valid reason.

Legitimate excuse. #illustration #comics

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4. There is no better place than home.


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5. Shopping for the season never goes as expected.

6. Only girls will understand the pain.

7. No one wants to get out of that warm blanket.


8. Always remember winter is never going to be mild.


9. Would you like to have a Tea Ice cream?

10. That’s 100% true.

11. Only girls can relate to this.

The dreaded gap #illustration #comic

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12. This is the harsh reality of our life.

Another one I did for @buzzfeeduk

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13. Now you know what I want for Christmas.


14. Can’t find the reason to live anymore.


15. Relationship Goals.