Sometimes Panorama Mode Doesn’t Go Well & These Pictures Are Proof


We all know that how Panorama mode messes with our photographs. Whenever we try to click a wide-angle shot, we have no other choice than using Panorama but admit it, the photographs never go as expected. It’s because there is not a slight chance of making a mistake when you are talking about the Panorama mode, you can’t move, you can’t sneeze and you can’t do anything while clicking a Panoramic view. If you do so, your photograph will be a laughing-stock for you and the others who’ll see it.

Today, we are going to show you some of the pictures that are the result of panoramic fails. Believe us, you will laugh hard after seeing these hilarious-turned pictures. Check out the pictures below and enjoy.

1. The guy was trying the Panorama mode with his girlfriend but at the end moment, his girlfriend sneezed.

2. It’s 2017 and no one needs a selfie stick when you have this amazing mode?

3. We all know how much cats love to spoil that perfect picture.

4. This guy surely needs to know that you can’t afford to move while using this mode.


5. Can someone tell us what kind of sorcery is this?

6. OMG! Cerberus is real.

7. Have you ever seen such a weird crawling creature?

8. Learn from this lady how to use Panoramic mode to make Troll face.

9. You don’t special powers to be a Superhero, all you need is Panorama mode on your smartphone.

10. This guy will surely regret sneaking into someone’s else Panorama shot.